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Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice, invites to the festival

Dear All,

Here comes yet another edition of the Interpretations Festival of the Art of Directing, an event that I have greatly looked forward to. This year’s edition of the festival will explore the broad concept of ‘directing’, likely dear to everyone since each of us wants to be the director of their own life, passion or career.

Our inhabitants’ trust allows me to partly direct the ongoing developments in the city of Katowice. However, it is Katowice’s actors who are of the greatest importance; after all, no play would be successful if it was not for them. While our city’s best actors are the inhabitants of Katowice who make this city, then the festival itself is made up of outstanding artists per se. I believe that this year’s edition of the Interpretations is going to stir many emotions and inspirations that we will be able to transfer to other realms of our lives.

Marcin Krupa
Mayor of Katowice


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