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Change of venue for Friday’s meeting “Unwanted Legacy?”

Dear all, for today’s meeting at 3:30 pm entitled. “Unwanted Legacy? On transformations in theater in recent years” with the participation of representatives of the world of science is invited to the COREZ THEATER. Admission is free.

Participants in the discussion will be: Monika Kwaśniewska-Mikuła (Jagiellonian University), Magdalena Rewerenda (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), Stanisław Godlewski (Polish Academy of Sciences).

The meeting will be moderated by Miłosz Markiewicz.


Over the past few years, theater art (not only in Poland) has undergone significant transformations – both formal and organizational. Phenomena such as revelations of violence or sexual harassment, protests by acting troupes, outright overwork and fatigue, but also events such as a pandemic or war have meant that the theater could not remain indifferent to its own weaknesses. How does it try to work through them? How does it address them artistically and institutionally? With the changes taking place, are the shape and tasks of contemporary theater criticism also undergoing transformation?

Free admission.

We invite you to the Korez Theater.

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