Wojciech Urbański

Wojciech Urbański – director of the play “Gardenia”. As a third year student at the Acting Department of the Theater Academy in Warsaw in 2005. he went on a six-month scholarship to the State Academy of Theater Arts in St. Petersburg. After returning to Poland, he played in diploma performances, then resigned from the theater and decided to continue his education in St. Petersburg – this time in the directing department. He got under the wings of one of the most outstanding Russian educators – Wieniamin Michaiłowicz Filsztyński. In 2011. he finishes his studies in Russia. While still a student, he becomes an associate of Filsztyn; is his assistant in academic productions: “Trzpiotka” (2008), “Hamlet” (2009), “Na brzeg” (2009) and “Trzy siostry” (PWSFTViT 2011) and at the Polish Theater in Warsaw on the play “Uncle Wania” ( 2009). As a director, he made his debut in 2010 with Mariusz Bieliński’s “Darkness” on the stage of the Baltijskij Dom Theater in St. Petersburg. In Poland, he directed Jarosława Pulinowicz’s “Dream of Natasza” at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. Besides, he does not stop being an actor. He played the role of A.Czechow in “Trzpiotka” and the Father’s Spirit in “Hamlet” in Russian diploma performances, as well as in Russian television productions (“Vrach”, “Voennayarazvedka”).

Kategoria: Directors of competition TV shows

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