Paweł Paszta

Paweł Paszta – director of the play “Cicha noc”. In the years 2003-2008 he studied at the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, and in the years 2007-2012 at the Directing Department of the Theater Academy (diploma in 2012 with honors, the show Maids). His previous theatrical works were presented at the Bydgoszcz Opera Festival (Dziady-Widma – also recorded and broadcasted on TVP Kultura), at the Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk (Measure for Measure) and at the Premiere Festival in Bydgoszcz (Listening Love fragments), at the Youth Forum Directing in Krakow (Maids), at the Theater Faces Festival in Polkowice (stories not only for children). As an assistant director, he worked with Natalia Babińska at the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, Jarosław Kilian at the Polish Theater, Mikael Marmarinos at the Dramatic Theater, Grażyna Kania at the Powszechny Theater and Michał Zadara with the Jewish Theater in Warsaw. In autumn 2010. he completed a six-week international course of the Theater and Japanese Culture organized by the UNESCO Chair in Bucharest under the supervision of Japanese masters noh, butoh and kabuki. In March 2012, he participated in international workshops on the new dramaturgy and theatrical art “FIND plus” at the Schaubühne theater in Berlin under the direction of Thomas Ostermeier. Among the projects completed so far by him are both performances and so-called performative reading. He worked, among others in Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, Bagatela Theater in Krakow, Kamienica Theater in Warsaw, Słowacki Theater in Kraków, Norwid Theater in Jelenia Góra (Love and Politics), Entertainment Theater in Chorzów (Czarno on white musical), Współczesny Theater in Szczecin (Pustostan) , Horzyca Theater in Toruń (including the Inscription), and many times at the Jewish Theater in Warsaw (including Koszałki opałki, Stories not only for children, the universe of the universe). He wrote his own cello music for the performance, not only for children, which is performed live during the performance by Aleksandra Monkiewicz. In 2012, he also founded an independent theater group Atu Teatr, with which he travels around Poland presenting a play based on the text of Bogusław Schaeffer. A script for three actors. In 2016 he completed the master’s film directing course at the Wajda School and is currently working on his film debut. He is also the author of several theatrical adaptations (under the care of ZAiKS).

From 2013, he also works as an assistant at the Directing Department of the Theater Academy in Warsaw with classes from the director’s seminar and as part of the so-called Institute of Opera. From September 2017 Paweł Paszta serves as the deputy director for arts at the Teatr im. Wilam Horzyca in Toruń, as well as the deputy director of the International Theater Festival Contact. In addition to his work as a director, literary and minor composing tasks, Paweł Paszta has also been a drama instructor since 2007 and works as a theater and youth teacher. He constantly cooperates with one of the Warsaw gymnasiums, implementing his own program within the framework of the “artistic classes” with the first class. The combination of the pedagogue’s and director’s work was also a two-time collaboration with the Classical Singing Department of the School of Music. F. Chopin at ul. Bednarska in Warsaw. He created there the Piece on Music (2011) – based on famous arias, duets and songs and the Ghosts’ Palace (2013) – entirely based on the compositions of Stanisław Moniuszko. In April 2013, he led the practical part of the seminar for music school teachers p. Moniuszko known and unknown – work on the actor’s interpretation of Moniuszko. From 2015, he also conducts his own theater classes at the Vocal Department at the Music School. Józef Elsner at ul. Miodowa in Warsaw.


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