Michał Szcześniak

Michał Szcześniak – director of the show “Abducting to life”. In 2005 he was awarded the prize for the best European script – Nisimasa European Script Contest. The film “Łódka” has received many awards in Poland and abroad, including distinction at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia and the first prize at the Cyprus International Film Festival and the “Excellence In Independent Film” statuette. In 2007, the scenario of Szcześniak “Goliath” was qualified for the prestigious European Short Pitch project, at the same time getting to the finals of the “Nakręc tekst” competition, and the text “See: free will” won the “Kontest” competition organized by Wytwórnia Theater and the Minister of Culture for the best Polish contemporary drama (Szcześniak, however, gave up the prize). Szcześniak’s film “Sashka, Sashka …” (2011) received four awards at the Film Festival VGIK in Moscow: for the best director, for the best film, the audience award and the best photography award. In 2017 he made the film “Spitsbergen”.

Kategoria: Directors of competition TV shows

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