Jarosław Tumidajski

Jarosław Tumidajski – director of the competition drama “Marriage from the calendar”. Director. He studied theater studies at the Jagiellonian University, and is a graduate of the Department of Drama Direction at the Cracow Theater School. He made his debut in 2004 during the first edition of the Intermedia Forum Theater Baz @ rt NIGHT BY BUS Michał Walczak. The play later entered the National Repertory of the Old Theater in Krakow. In Teatr Wybrzeze he realized GOUPA LAOKOONA by Tadeusz Różewicz (2007), ONYCH by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (2008), PAN TADEUSZ by Adam Mickiewicz (2011), THE ISLAND OF ANIMATION. MAPPING according to his own script (2012) and PARENTAL ACT Derek Benfield (2014). In addition, he directed, among others, SAINT JOANNA SZLACHTUZÓW, Bertolt Brecht (Teatr Miejski w Gdyni, 2008 and Teatr Nowy in Łódź, 2011), BARBARA RADZIWIŁÓWNĘ Z JAWORZNA-SZCZAKOWA according to Michał Witkowski (Teatr Śląski in Katowice, 2008), TRANS-ATLANTIC based on Witold Gombrowicz (Wrocław Contemporary Theater, 2010), KILLER OF AN ALMON MOLCZANOW (People’s Theater in Krakow, 2013), STOP THE TEMPO! Gianiny Cărbunariu (Theater Modrzejewskiej in Legnica, 2015), “Creation” (Teatr Wybrzeże, 2016), “Bucharest Calling” (Teatr Współczesny in Warsaw, 2016), “Seduced” (Teatr Wybrzeże, Gdańsk, 2016) and “Czas barbarians “(Współczesny Theater, Warsaw, 2017). He is a two-time winner of the Theater Award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodship – for the direction of GÂ £ O LAOKOON (2008) and for directing ONYCH and ŚWIĘTEJ JOANNY SZLACHTUZÓW (2009). Laureate of the award at the 12th Polish Comedy Festival Talia for directing RED COMETS by Andreas Sauter and Bernhard Studlar at the Teatr im. Solskiego in Tarnów (2008). His performances were presented at festivals in the country (including Coast Art, Divine Comedy, Rozewicz Open Festival, Kalisz Theater Meetings) and abroad (Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine).

Kategoria: Directors of competition radio plays

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